About Us

About Costa Del Sol Direction

Costa del Sol Direction is a Community Resource Website created by locals for locals. Our platform connects Costa del Sol locals with businesses and services in Costa del Sol area. Our directory website or what we like to call a community resource website includes information about businesses and services near you such as; websites, social media profiles, business descriptions, and contact details of businesses, and also structured into categories and subcategories to provide an easy browse for the visitor. Visitors can easily browse local businesses and services on selected locations or specific services according to need.

Our top priority is serving the Costa del Sol community and helping our neighbors and local businesses to find each other easily. Especially there are many foreigners in the area and often times having difficulties to find out open businesses and services in need. Therefore our directory website can help locals or tourists in the area to find out the services and businesses for their needs. We will monitor businesses in the area which is active and operating so, that locals can easily find information on our platform and contact the businesses when they need it.

Creating a better world takes commitment from all of us, and we hope to make your world just a little better by helping you get the businesses and services you need to deliver to your doorstep.

Our goal and passion are to serve both business owners and consumers alike in Costa del Sol area with our amazing services. We support the growth, the innovative services and ideas, and the prosperity of our local businesses here in Costa del Sol while providing useful online services to our community.


How Will “Costa del Sol Direction” Benefit The Community?

  • Exploring and finding the open business and services for consumers in need, from different areas of Costa del Sol and listing them on our website.
  • Providing an accurate database of local businesses that are offering their services to consumers.
  • Promoting these businesses by displaying them on our page with business details and easy to navigate the map on the front page.
  • Continuously looking for ways to help local businesses to succeed in a new era, reaching out to consumers in the best ways possible and providing a healthy experience for consumers.
  • Continuously improve “Costa del Sol Direction” website to keep it up with new trends, technology, and services. Making sure to provide user-friendly and top-class service.


As the times are changing fast and technology is taking a big part of our everyday lives, we believe using technology efficiently to connect consumers with their local businesses has vital importance. Most local businesses are traditionally behind the curve of online presence and have been slow to adopt new technology to reach out to consumers. A lucky few businesses can rely on incredible service and word of mouth to ensure tables are fully booked. However, the reality is that the vast majority cannot. This is where we would like to help out our community with our digital marketing skills & services to get a better understanding of consumer needs and behaviors. Adapt to new trends by creating a strong online presence for their audience.


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If you are a local business serving in Costa del Sol area then “Costa del Sol Direction” presents you an ideal opportunity to put your business in front of potential customers to reach out.